• Jersey Shore Cosmetics Sunscreen Stick

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Sunscreen Stick

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Anti-aging Mineral Sunscreen.
Naturally Beautiful.
Available in 0.56 oz. stick and .15 oz. mini.

Smooth texture with nutrient rich ingredients. Great for face and around the eyes; Outer, ocular ridge.

How is it anti-aging?
The simple fact that this product protects from [the sun's] harmful UVA/UBV rays, makes this sunscreen anti-aging. Over exposure to the sun's rays promotes premature aging.
The fact that tis product is free of toxic petrochemicals, makes it anti-aging. Exposure to harmful petrochemicals can lead to health issues such as organ damage and hormone disruption, as well as premature aging.

* Use this sunscreen everyday to help prevent premature aging and sun damage to your skin.
* Help prevent cancer and other health issues related to over exposure to the sun.
* Avoid health issues caused by other sunscreens which contain toxic ingredients and hormone disruptions.

* No Petrochemicals
* No synthetics
* No Pthalates
* No parabens or paba
* No fragrance
* No Titanium Dioxide

* Simple, honest and effective ingredients.
* All Natural and organic ingredients.
* Active Ingredients: Non- nano Zinc Oxide,
* Also contains, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary extract, Calendula extract and Mongongo oil.

Tested, UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection

Sheerer coverage for all skin tones; strokes on white, blends to near transparency.
Great all year around.
Great for outdoor sports; skiing, running, etc.

FULL SIZE: $22 /.56 OZ

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good stuff

I really like the packaging on this item. Very easy to use