Inside the Brand: ModaBox

We know our subscribers want to be fashionable with their hair and beauty, and with their personal style. That’s why February COCOTIQUE subscribers are receiving a stylish treat—a ModaBox Online Personal Styling Service Gift Card! The ModaBox philosophy is all about providing the modern woman with a personalized shopping experience on her time and her terms. In this Inside the Brand interview, founder Monica Phromsavanh, shares what makes a ModaBox subscription a unique sartorial experience.

What was the inspiration behind ModaBox, and what niche in the market did you hope that it would fill?

After running my first retail business for over three years, I saw that times were changing. I was confident in my product and my stylists, but there were simply less people coming into the store. Then one night it came to me: if I can't get clients to come into my store and buy the styles I know they would love, then I'm going to bring the product to their doorsteps so they can't resist! That's when ModaBox was born.


What makes ModaBox different from other fashion-based boxes or subscription services?

Our unique expertise and exceptional client service. Our stylists have years of professional experience styling high profile, as well as every day clientele. We've created a service that will make our clients lives easier by providing exceptional personal attention to each and every one of them. For months our team worked on a comprehensive quiz that assesses style, size, and budget preferences so that we could tailor each box to our clients’ particular lifestyle. With every box we ask for feedback and note what our clients loved and what we could do better. Our business model is based on getting to know our clients, helping them discover their personal style and making their shopping experience and lives easier with every box.

Prior to launching ModaBox, you found success with “ModaListas” -– a fashion boutique that curated private label and emerging designers from around the globe. Why the switch from brick-and-mortar retailer to an online styling format?
We still work with an array of emerging designers from all over the world, as well as curate a private ModaBox collection of affordable fashion-forward styles. The only difference is the medium by which we reach our clients. The retail landscape is changing, women are--now more than ever--pulling off the dynamic work-family role and they just don't have time to shop as much as they'd like. We bring the fitting room home, where they can find solace in shopping styles that are tailored to their unique preferences - at midnight or 6am!


What lessons did you learn from ModaListas that you transferred into your business platform for ModaBox?

Through my experience with ModaListas I realized how powerful good client service could be. Fifth Avenue should not be the only place a professional woman can go shopping and receive the personal attention she deserves. I feel that our clients understand how much we value them and that’s what keeps them coming back. It was really interesting converting this concept from physical retail to e-commerce, but I think we've done a great job at it.

What advice would you give to other young women who are currently pursuing, or just beginning their careers in fashion business or e-commerce?
No matter what, stand by your integrity and give even the slightest task the greatest effort. When you start out it’s so important to build a strong network of friends and mentors who respect you, and the way to do that is by being a genuine person and a hard worker. At the end of the day, it will be the people you surround yourself with who will take you to the next level and support you when you need it.


Check out this video from the Maker's Lane series of ModaBox Founder + CEO, Monica Phromsavanh ​talking about her background and how she built the ModaBox business. Plus, get a glimpse at some of the gorgeous styles that could end up in your closet.

Video credit: Sahra Vang, founder and producer of the Maker's Lane series

Get more details on how to subscribe to ModaBox at their website, and connect with them on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vimeo.