With temperatures on the East Coast already starting to feel just a bit like fall (Hello, Mother Nature? Its still August!), it is a great time to start prepping your closet for the new season. You’ll be so much more productive when the cooler weather settles in if you are ready to dress for it, and if you can refrain from spending extra time figuring out what to wear and get to all your fabulous destinations much more quickly.

Here are a few suggestions for getting your closet fall-ready:

Pull out/try on/purge clothing

Whether you switch your clothing out by season, or move everything to the back and out of your line of sight, it’s time to highlight those great fall pieces. Try on things that you haven’t worn in a while. Decide what you still love, and what you can live without. Then get rid of things that no longer fit your body by donating them to a charity organization; or sell or consign things that are in great condition but no longer fit your personal taste. I know it can be hard to part with items that used to be your favorites, but freeing yourself from things that no longer serve you is a good rule for clothing and life, as it makes way for things that are even better!

Get rid of junk jewelry

I adore costume jewelry, but sometimes it doesn’t last as long as I’d like. I’m sure you have your favorite pieces too—but if they are old, tarnished or broken it might be time to trash them in order to make way for fresh pieces in fresh styles, shapes and colors.


Decide which spring and summer items can be used as transitional pieces for fall. Blazers, thin sweaters and button down tops are great for layering over lighter pieces and creating depth or adding color. And you can start adding tougher pieces like booties or chunky-heeled boots to frilly pieces for great transitional style stories.

Dry clean in advance

I can’t tell you how many pieces I miss out on wearing in a season because I fail to ever take them to the dry cleaners. I literally have two large bags full of clothing that needs to be cleaned—it’s not pretty. But by getting everything cleaned and in your closet as soon as possible, you get a really accurate picture of what you have available to wear before you go out to buy new pieces (this same concept applies to shoes: make a visit to your cobbler to see which ones can be repaired and which ones you should get rid of). This leads me to my next point…

Fill in the gaps

Now that you’ve gotten rid of a few things, here comes the fun part—shopping for things to replace them! This is where you get to figure out where the gaps are in your staple wardrobe and start to fill them. Do you need new cardigan sweaters? A fall jacket? Decide which trends you’ll want to incorporate (if any) and how many of those pieces you want to add. Use this opportunity to warm up the color in your closet to help you get excited for the new season.

And while we’re talking fall, what are some of your favorite pre-fall trends that you can’t wait to add to your closet?

Kim Jackson is a Baltimore-based blogger, marketing specialist, social media consultant and writer. She has written style and beauty posts for websites including Curly Nikki, the 'Fro Fashion Week blog, Madame Noire and Carol's Daughter's Transitioning Movement. You can find her regularly writing tips for living a healthy, style-savvy and well-organized life at her site, Pish Posh Perfect.

Photo credit: The Tiny Closet