Pucker up and get ready to treat your lips to something magical. A big thanks goes out to Ruby Kisses, who has developed a moisturizing lipstick made with Maracuja Oil that not only smells amazing, but is also is full of minerals and vitamins to keep your lips tasty and kissable.

Tell us about Ruby Kisses and how the brand got its start.

Ruby Kisses was born from the love of beauty, makeup and trending pop culture! Our passion lies in not only enhancing a woman’s individual appearance, but to deliver quality products at affordable prices. We take great pride in being able to provide a wide range of color cosmetics to women of all shades and ethnicities.

Show yourself some love. Embrace your individuality. Be Undeniably You.

How many colors does the Maracuja Kiss Stick come in?

Maracuja Kiss Stick is available in 24 shades.

Besides the amazing smell of maracuja, why did you choose this particular fruit?

Maracuja not only smells amazing, but it also has many benefits. The oil is a rich and natural source of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins like Vitamin C to brighten skin, calcium and phosphorus to enhance skin’s appearance.

How long does the color last?

Applied over lip balm, color may last up to 2-4 hours. Applied directly to bare lips, color may last 4-8 hours.

What are the key moisturizing ingredients?

The true star of this product is in its name – Maracuja Oil!

What makeup trends can we look forward to in 2018?

We’re seeing the matte look fade. We expect to see lip gloss make a comeback in a big way! It has already started with all the halographic and prismatic products that launched this past fall season and currently.

What’s next for Ruby Kisses?

We’re excited for 2018 Q1 launches for RK by Kiss! The focus will be on skincare with some of our key launches being a mask and concealer, followed by fun makeup accents like an assortment of lightweight, multi-purpose glitters and a glitter primer.

Each of our monthly subscribers will be receiving a full size Kiss Stick in their box. What is the one take-away that you want to leave them with?

Lip care is just as important as skincare and, color and fun don’t need to be sacrificed.
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