Not many brands can boast over five decades of experience in the hair care industry like Ampro Pro Styl. They have offered improvements in hair styling, where hair care sometimes gets neglected. With products like their Shine n’ Jam, you’re not limited to the styles you can create. We spoke with the brand to understand their mission to provide professional grade products at an affordable price.

With over 60 years in the hair care industry, briefly tell us how Ampro got its start?

Ampro is a family owned company that started as a brick and mortar general store on Memphis’ historic Beale Street in Memphis, TN.

Because of the popularity of the hair care section within that general store, the owner, our founder, Irvin Lansky, decided to focus his attention on those goods and started a Beauty Supply store, Vogue Beauty Supply.

After listening to the customers who frequented Vogue Beauty Supply tell of their hair needs, he noticed a void in the marketplace and worked with a chemist to address those concerns. Mr. Lansky’s family still owns and operates the company today.

What can you attribute your success to?

Ampro is successful because we listen to our consumers and we care. It’s always been the hallmark of our business. We make professional grade products for a valuable price. It’s a fair way to do business. We believe in treating people fairly and that belief has guaranteed our success.

What can women expect when they use Shine n’ Jam?

Our Shine ‘n Jam – Regular Hold is a unique product. It can be used to help women & men achieve lots of different styles and solve many hair concerns. It’s a flexible gel so it can be used while braiding to keep the hair smooth, as an edge control (for fine or delicate hair); it can be used to smooth fly-aways, lay a gentleman’s waves without leaving the hair hard or greasy. It can also be used in combination with our protein gels to secure locks and twists. Shine ‘n Jam Regular can also be used to add texture to the crown of limp hair. It’s an extremely versatile product of which we are very proud!

Echinacea is one of the key ingredients in Shine n’ Jam, tell us about the benefits this herb provides.

We chose Echinacea because it is known to help promote hair growth and give the hair luster. Because this product is mostly used around the edges of the hairline or when styling a protective style, we wanted to include ingredients that would be beneficial to those areas of the scalp.

Is this product alcohol free?

Absolutely! All of our gels are alcohol-free and always have been. We believe in providing solutions for hair care, not just hair styling.

Is this finishing product good for all hair types?

Absolutely! What I have found during my years in this industry is that we can direct or suggest ways for our consumers to use the products we manufacture, but our consumers are extremely brilliant and creative. I have met people from around the world with all types of hair – men, women – who rave about this product and teach me new ways that they are finding success with it. I believe that‘s why Shine ‘n Jam has become one of the fastest growing products in the marketplace. Once people try it, they love it!

What’s next for Ampro?

In recent years, we have been in the lab discovering new types of gels, the benefits of different ingredients, solutions for hair issues and concerns. We have some new products coming in 2017 that, I believe, our consumers & your subscribers will find very interesting.

Each of our monthly subscribers will be receiving a sample of Ampro’s Shine ’n Jam in their box, what is the one take-away that you’d like to leave them with?

Honestly, I want them to remember what a quality product is like. We put a lot of energy into making sure your one experience begets many more for a lifetime. Ampro Pro Styl is a brand your subscribers can trust.
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2 Responses
  • Maritza
    February 22, 2017

    I was very surprised with this gel. It was amazing hair product to use on my natural curly hair. I live in south Florida and this gel gave me a great hold.

  • Ccp
    February 22, 2017

    Shine jam is great and it did not flake. WIll continge to use

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